Monday, June 20, 2011

Look at this Tool!

I scoped this video off Facebook. It shows what appears to be an American-Jewish protester being arrested in Jerusalem. Please, watch. 
Now, I have no problem with this kid. I believe he is misinformed and has been lied to. There is no sense in trying to argue is point. Anybody who goes through the effort of getting on a twelve hour flight and placing himself amongst people who would smack him around if nobody was looking is not going to be dissuaded by dialogue. I'll even give the kid credit it takes balls.
 If he were in PA territories protesting he would have been killed. This is why you never see a corresponding video of an American Arab protesting on behalf of Israelis.  In fact, just last year a pro-palestinian activist. Read that again pro-Palestinian activist was killed in Gaza earlier this year by terrorists.

The unidentified man being resisting arrest.
It appears from the video that he is stopped from protesting by Israeli police and arrested brutally.  But a few points should be made

  • First, the video is edited. There is no way to tell how much time passed in between his showing up at the march and being approached.
  • Second, he should have identified himself. Israel is a state that is on high-alert all the time. It is not unreasonable or absurd to be asked for your identification. Also he had his passport out for much of the time. If it was so important that he not hand it over, why did he display it so publicly?
  • Third, he resisted arrest. When the police tried to take him into custody, he ran, pushed back, screamed. Any injuries he sustained were his own fault.
Maybe he thought he'd never been seen again. Which, of course is illogical, because in Israel, even terrorists don't always get life sentences.

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