Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Attacked by Arabs, Saved by Arabs: The curious case of Nir Nachshon

In a matter of minutes, one man from Israel experienced the greatest extremes of Arab culture; extreme violence and benevolent hospitality. The incident highlighted disparities within Arab culture, and begs the question. Are negotiations pointless or are we talking to the wrong people?     

     Nir Nachshon suspected he might have made a terrible mistake, but wasn't sure until he heard the excited cries of a young boy.


     Nachshon had made a wrong turn into a predominantly Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Within moments, adults responded to the child's alarms with stones and bricks. His attackers pulled him from his car and began to beat him to death. Then  suddenly he was saved. A local  Arab community leader, along with a couple others pulled him from the mob and brought him into a house, where he was protected until the police arrived.

Darwish Darwish,  one of the men who helped save  Nachson(left with Nachshon)  expressed disappointment with the event, but also said he was concerned with the poor conditions of the area.

What does this mean?

Israel is ever vigilant, for violence against citizens can happen without warning and with extreme prejudice. It casts further doubt over whether or not Jerusalem could ever be divided. Sharing the city with a sovereign and hostile state, would leave citizens at risk for random attacks.

However it does give some hope. The actions of Darwish, lend credence to the idea that some Arabs are ready to live in a sovereign Israel.

Maybe instead of continuing fruitless negotiations with Hamas and Fatah, Arabs like Darwish should be invited to talks with Netanyahu. He voiced his concerns for the welfare of Arabs, but clearly demonstrated an opposition to violence against civilians.

I think clearly now

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