Tuesday, July 5, 2011

David Harris of the Huffington Post Sets out Liberal Case for Israel

In a brilliant post from, last year, David Harris states succinctly, a liberal defense for the state of Israel. He excoriates "the bizarre anti-Zionist coalition between the radical left and Islamic extremists." It is everything I've been saying about Israel for years.

He delineates the reality of Israel's internal politics which are largely liberal and contrasts with the politics of the majority of its neighbors whom are extremely intolerant of  religious rights. This is a fact that many in the liberal wing of the anti-zionist coalition have trouble addressing.

Just try to imagine what would become of so many people if Israel were allowed to fall. If you think there are Palestinians suffering now, it would be nothing compared to what would happen if Hamas were allowed to overrun the Holy Land. All of those African refugees, gone. All of those humanitarian missions (Israel was one of the first into Haiti after the earthquake) done.

Consider the riots in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya (insert Arab country name here.) If anything, the objective evidence suggests that despite the Zeitgeist of anti-zionist politics, the Palestinians are better off with so-called occupation.
Yes, I had the temerity to suggest such a thing. The problem with the emotional politics, is that they don't allow you to see a few steps ahead. Geopolitics is a game of chess, not checkers.

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