Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourettes Continues

Glenn beck Nazi Analogy        In the same week that he compared the victims of a savage terror attack to the Hitler Youth. Glen Beck defended those remarks saying:
"if we cannot use Hitler analogies in "logical conversation," "We are going to be a society of gas chambers."

Well I'm calling bs on that. Nobody has said he can't use Hitler analogies. But he really shouldn't.

WAIT...did he say logical conversation? Logical? Glenn Beck does logical, like Elton John does subtle; like Donald Trump does modest; like Bill Clinton does chaste; like Rachel Maddow does dudes; or like Bernie Madoff does ethical. This guy compared President Obama to Hitler because he touted the virtue of empathy.

Also, in many European counties using Nazi regalia and even denying the holocaust is a prosecutable offense. I'm not defending those laws, but there aren't any gas chambers.

Glenn Beck himself, spends most of his time criticizing and vilifying anybody whose world view isn't in line with his. But, cannot sustain any criticism directed towads him. Courage indeed.

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