Friday, July 15, 2011

Glenn Beck's Reception in Israel not so Warm

In a Twist Beck is Accused of Being Anti-Israel

      Glenn Beck's public visit to Israel wasn't without controversy. The conservative commentator whose greatest hits include, trying his best to convince his viewers  that holocaust survivor George Soros is trying to take over the world; and comparing Reform Judaism to radical Islam, appeared before parliament to cheers.
Much of Beck's anti-Jewish slant is deliniated in a recent Huffington Post article by MJ Rosenberg

      Beck's Pro-Israel street-cred' includes his reporting on the "Freedom Flotilla" incident. According to Beck he was the only one in the media showing an IDF video showing Israeli soldiers being attacked by protesters. This was of course rubbish. Everybody was using that video.

      Not all Israelis were as warm to Beck. Zo Artzeinu founder Moshe Feiglin has declined to join Beck's 'Restoring Courage' event in August, voicing concerns about Christian involvement in Israel.Popular Zionist blog JIDF.ORG labeled Beck an Anti-Semite for some of this positions and hosting controversial pundits.Beck was also criticized from the right for saying he doesn't oppose a Palestinian state.

      One has to be at least slightly amused at this turn of events. Beck, whose Israel views are more anti-Arab than they are pro-Jew, has made a career out of baseless criticism. Many of his attacks on President Obama and others manipulate facts to create a dishonest narrative.

      For once, Beck is getting a taste of his own medicine.

  • His religion has become a liability. Much as he has attacked Muslims and Reform Jews.
  • Small statements are manipulated to change his views. Much as he has found a way to manipulate any statement to call political opponents Nazis
  • Finally, he is accused of anti-Semitism based on loose associations. (see Beck's  attacks on Van Jones)
It is only unfortunate that most of Beck's Jewish detractors are from the fringe. Hopefully soon more will see Beck for who he really is.

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