Thursday, July 21, 2011

Groups in Israel and why they already have courage

It takes courage to live in Israel regardless of who you are.

For young Olim (people who make Aaliyah and move to Israel) it takes courage to leave your life in the country you grow up in and move away. Often these Olim move way from countries with better economies (US UK) to a country with high unemployment and underemployment. They often move away from their friends and families to a country that has is surrounded by hostiles. 

Hasidim. The ultra-orthodox in Israel are amongst the most maligned groups in the country. Most of the country is moderate and non-religious and  critical of them. They face criticism for non-army service.  Also many of them protest vehemently against the state, while receiving protection from the state as well as social services while not working so they can study torah. Anybody who read that last sentence would have to admit that takes balls.

Politicians, David Ben-Gurion once told Truman that he had an easy job because  Truman was the president of  several million citizens, while he was the Leader of a nation of Presidents. Any politician who has the audacity to even open his mouth will face attacks from the left front and center. They will face subpoenas from the international criminal court, to assassination attempts from Arabs and Israelis.

Basically everybody who lives in Israel stays in a country that is always facing breaches of its borders, suicide bombers, missile attacks, boycotts and elements with in its on populace that wish to see it destroyed. Courage has never been in short supply.

That is except of course for Glenn Beck. Beck is traveling around the Holy Land with a security escort giving pro-Israel speeches to pro-Israel crowds; and charging a decent amount of money at that. I'm not sure exactly where the courage plays in. Maybe it was when he moved his "Rally to Restore Courage" off of the temple mount to avoid Arabs who might be there.

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