Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Beck, Please leave Israel

Seriously folks, this is not a guy we want on our side.

Today, Glenn Beck took a principled and courageous stance attacking victims of terror who are too dead to defend themselves. Continuing a long streak of bizarre Nazi references, he compared the Norwegian camp where a(non-Muslim) terrorist gunned down about sixty youths. The camp was a yearly retreat organized by Norway's Labor party.

Beyond the trivialization of Nazism. HE JUST ATTACKED TERROR VICTIMS. Not to mention they were children. I really wonder if it was because this guy was not-Muslim and white.

Let's get something straight terrorism is evil. No matter what your political views are, using civilians as a target to further your goals is wrong. Terror needs to be denounced at every avenue, especially if its done for a cause you have sympathy for.  If you don't denounce terror, you devalue the biggest political argument the Israelis have against the PA.

Beck has played the Hitler card so often, its maxed out. This includes one instance, when he called out Simon Greer (Jewish) for putting an emphasis on the "common good." Saying it would lead to "death camps."

Now, I would say that Beck has gone too far, but that train left the station years ago.

The problem with Beck is that he doesn't understand the true nature of Nazism. By comparing everybody who doesn't share his world view to the Third Reich devalues the Nazis. He lessens their significance in history. This is a bad thing. When he does this, he trivializes the holocaust and by extension, every injustice the Jews have endured in their glorious history.

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