Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where are the Israelis?

Watch this new commercial for Sabra Hummus; go ahead. 

Did you like the diversity? I did; almost. If you look there are Africans, Whites, goats, Mexicans, Asians and goats for some reason. It's a cornucopia of the world's people.
If you didn't pick up on it, curiously absent from the commercial were any Israelis/Jews. Sabra, hebrew for a Jew born in Israel (h/t Wikipedia) also refers to cacti; cacti of course are prickly, irritating plants so obnoxious and pointless, you have to wonder why they would refer to Israelis at all; but I digress.

Watch the commercial again and the closest thing you will see to a Jew, are these men. Wearing black and white and wearing hats. However I think they are more likely Italian or Greek. Note the lack of tzit-tzit, mezuzah on the gate and that this villa looks more Italian than Israeli; an Israeli house like that would be made out of Jerusalem stone. 

It is quite peculiar that this commercial which is for an Israeli company, would be curiously bereft of any Israeli Jews. I think it is likely that the advertising company who designed the spot decided that having clearly identifiable Israelis would not do well for sales. The sad thing, is that they are probably correct.

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