Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haters gonna Hate...Israel

UK Hate Groups Threaten Classical Music Among Other Things

Just get this out of the way. I love the UK; love it!
I love the Office; I love Guy Ritchie movies; I love Monty Python; and I love Dr. Who. Yet, while two recent incidents at classical music concerts can't be called a trend, they are disturbing. Mostly, because they are hate for hate's sake.

On Sepetember 1, a group of about twenty protesters stormed into London's Royal Albert Hall during an Israeli Philharmonic Performance of Max Bruch.

This latests display of bizarre manuafactured outrage came little over a year afterthe same group (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)  staged a similar protest in Scotland's Queen's hall. After that incident, several PSC members were charged in a Scottish court of hate speech; the charges were later dropped.

Now, I am not a fan of hate speech laws. They are arbitrary and are succeptible to abuse; but this is hate speech. The notion of justice for Gaza or Palestinians is little more than a farce. Their primary method of action, is their B.I.G. campaign for Boycott Israeli Goods. Also featured on their website, is a banner extolling justice for one "Sheikh" Raed Salah, a violent Israeli-Arab cleric with ties to Hamas and Iranian intelligence; he served a five-month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer. Raed is currently banned from entering the UK. PSC's affinity for Raed is somewhat perplexing, considering their desire for Peace and justice.

What is particularly disturbing about the PSC's campaign against classical music, is that it's not against any Israeli product, its against expression, against art and beauty. As despicable as some of the boycotts of Israeli goods are (some of them are just vandalism and theft), there is at least the small glimmer of logic amongst the nonesense. They say don't buy Israeli goods; fine don't buy them that is your right as a human being. But, the protests in concert halls are something new and disturbing, they aren't free expression, they are the denial of expression; and they arent't even in opposition to political speech. They are against classical music, out highest form of expression. Art is the one true thing that separates us from beasts. In this sense, their campaign for "human rights" is nothing short of inhumane.

No word yet if they plan on protesting a performance of Wagner at Royal Albert Hall this Tuesday. Wagner's music of course was the soundtrack of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.

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