Why Oppose a "Palestinian" state

    Recognition of a "Palestinian" state, wouldn't lead to peace; but it would almost certainly cause a war; and this is likely what Fatah and Hamas want.
    The people of Israel, for the most part, are a generous, peace-loving people. Citizens of Israel of all religions, including Islam, are free to practice how they see fit. This is something that cannot be said of all countries in the middle east. So, it may seem strange that so many American Jews will be marching on the UN to protest the recognition of a state for the "Palestinian" people.
    We do not hate; we love. We care for all people and all things. Over the years, Israeli leaders have made painful concessions. One of these leaders paid for these concessions with his life.  How can it be said that we are unreasonable? Over the years, we have put everything on the table, except the one thing that we cherish most; our own lives. On this, we refuse to yield; and it is for this contentious issue, there has been no deal, no peace.
    The so-called martyrs and holy soldiers of Fatah and Hamas continuously send missile barrages into our cities in the day; and scoundrels in the night to slaughter our children. We cease fire to give peace a chance; they cease fire to reload. Many have accused Israel to be a de facto apartheid state; many others dispute this. If Hamas had their way, there would be no ambiguity. It states clearly in their charter.
"Safety and security can only exist in the shadow of Islam." - Hamas charter article 31
    Recognizing a country whose ruling party is in de facto conflict with another nation could never lead to peace; it could only lead to war.
   Furthermore, the campaign by Fatah and Hamas is one of lies and obfuscation. Hamas's charter states as a primary source for evidence of Zionist conspiracy "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a fraudulent anti-Semitic screed that has been debunked as false since the early 20's. Israel needs not stand on houses of lies; we have the truth.

    So we shall not, cannot and must not allow any action that would legitimize a cabal of racist terrorist gangsters, until they first cede their campaign of annihilation.
    Make no mistake, they don't come for land; they come for our very lives. We have committed a very grave insult; to continue to exist in defiance of their will.